If you’re looking for high-impact, on-street advertising that will get your business noticed, then totem signs should be top of your list. You typically find these tall, column-like structures in retail environments, beside roads, and next to entryways. They’re often oblong and showcase an enterprise’s branding, services, or both. Their physical size and elegant shape create an immediate visual impact that helps you to get noticed.

Totem signs, sometimes called monolith signs, are powerful external advertising platforms that act a bit like billboards. Many totems are multi-panelled, allowing businesses to partition them into sections to communicate as much useful information as possible. Organisations usually place their branding at the top and then crucial product details and information below. These structures are attention-grabbing and attractive, convincing passing traffic - whether motorised or on foot - to investigate your products and services further.

A broad range of industries makes use of totem signs, including hotels, restaurants, manufacturing companies and even educational establishments. Why not join them?

The Benefits Of Totem Signs

The benefits of totem signs are tremendous. Here are just a few to get you started.

- They’re attractive. The ancients appreciated the beauty and elegance of totems and monoliths. There is something fundamentally appealing about a pure, geometric shard jutting out of the ground. Totem signs take advantage of this ancient motif, letting you market your products and services while adding to the aesthetics tremendously.

- They’re versatile. Totem signs are useful for practically any purpose, from raising awareness of your company to offering passing customers exclusive deals.

- They’re double-sided. Not all on-street advertising is double-sided, making it difficult to get your message in front of passing customers. Totem signs, however, are different. You can easily position them so that they face in the direction of oncoming traffic in both busy thoroughfares and by the roadside.

- They’re visible and bright. Regular signage is okay for companies whose doors open onto busy high streets, but most are some way back from the footfall and the traffic. Even so, they still need visible signage that attracts prospective customers. Totem signage is brightly coloured, large and, occasionally, illuminated, making it difficult to ignore.

- They’re robust. Outdoor signage needs to be robust. It should be able to withstand both the weather and vandalism. For that reason, we make all our totem signs using the highest quality materials, ensuring that they last for the lifecycle of your marketing campaign and beyond.

Buy Totem Signs Today

We believe that buying totem signs should be straightforward. For that reason, we guide you through the entire process, from designing your totem sign to installing it on your premises.

We begin by discussing your branding objectives and the potential location of your signage. We then work to create artwork that faithfully reproduces your brand colours, logos, and style. Throughout the entire process, you have full control, all the way to completion.

Do you want to learn more? Get in touch with our team and start experiencing the benefits of totem signs today.



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